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Sell Your Fur On Consignment

Do you have one or more fur coats that you have inherited and don't know what to do with? Or have you "outgrown" your furs or don't wear fur anymore, but don't want to just give them away? Furs by Chrys can help recycle your used fur coats for you by selling them to new owners that will appreciate these pre-owned furs for their beauty, environmental-friendliness, and lower price tags than new fur coats!

Please e-mail us instead of calling and please include a photo or two of the furs as well as a copy of any paperwork you might have for them. It is also beneficial if you can give us any other pertinent information (the age of the furs, if the pelts are supple or drying out, if they were cold-stored or not, if they have any labels, size, length, etc.). This will be very helpful for us to determine the marketability of the items. We will then email you in response.

Consignment Terms

Before you ship your fur coats to Furs by Chrys, we will provide you with a contract stating the terms of our agreement. You will sign the contract and return it with the furs; we will then sign the contract and return a fully executed copy to you for your records. You will need to decide the price you would like to ask for your fur coats. We will assist you in this process if you would like.

You will also need to provide us with as much information as possible about the furs (age, if they have been cold-stored with a furrier, fur type, etc.) Also, if you have an appraisal for any of your furs it would be very beneficial to enclose a copy.

Once we have received the fur coats, we will verify the condition, check for odors (including smoke), and take measurements. If anyone in your home smokes, if there are any odd odors on the fur, or if the fur is soiled, you will need to have them cleaned before shipping. If the condition is such that we feel we are unable to sell your furs, you will need to send additional funds in order that we may ship them back to you via the carrier of our choice.

We will keep the furs in our possession, as we will ship the furs out to the purchasers (to ensure correct packaging and for liability reasons). All shipping/insurance costs to/from Furs by Chrys will be paid by you (including if we receive the fur coats and they are not able to be sold as a result of odors or bad condition). We absorb the costs of shipping the furs to the purchasers.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the process of selling your fur coats. We would like for you to be as comfortable as possible with the process. Thank you for considering Furs by Chrys for selling your used fur coats for you!

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